The FightSong platform is about more than just reporting, it is to change the process of handling incidents overall. The FightSong wants to provide students a safety net of resources so no one ‘slips through the cracks’. Most student conflicts have social-emotional stressors before any violence occurs. Reaching a student during this time, and teaching them how to handle the situation appropriately and learn de-escalation techniques is very effective at reducing incidents. With standard incident reporting methods, students do not feel emotionally supported, by changing the feedback students receive we can encourage Self-Advocacy and Standing Up. Then students will be more likely to seek help instead of lashing out and causing incidents. FightSong! Works by offering students a program and community to help them develop resiliency and a self-regulating creative and constructive approach to adversity. All of this comes together to help FightSong drive more effective and efficient school counselor interactions, improving outcomes for all members of the school community