GET THE APP Get Ahead Together Our mission is to move careers and industries forward with brave and productive conversations. Reach higher Don’t be satisfied with the status quo. There are paths tread by others that will support where you need to go. Find a community that can provide mentorship, advice, and empathy to help reach your career goals. A space to level the playing field We're democratizing workplace conversations and putting junior professionals and CEOs on a level playing field. We can all learn from one another whether it’s through an organic conversation or formal Q&As with industry leaders. A space with no egos and agendas We’re prioritizing conversations over self-promotion. There are no egos or agendas here. Fishbowl is a place to feel at ease, exchange ideas, advice, and support because everyone’s in it together. A space for creating tangible change We can change companies and industries for the better when we come together and speak up. On Fishbowl you can talk openly and freely with anyone in your industry or company to positively influence company policies and industry norms.