Five Minutes with Dad

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Five Minutes With Dad is the brainchild of a 4-year-old boy named Pavlos.


Pavlos is a pretty cool kid. And a very creative one.


One winter day in 2014 he overheard his father, Nick, talking about the new podcast he was planning.


It all started with an innocent question:


Pavlos: What’s that?

Dad: What’s, what?

Pavlos: That thing you said you were starting?

Dad: A podcast?

Pavlos: Yeah, that.

Dad: Well, it’s like a show that Daddy’s going to record and put on the computer.

Pavlos: Why?

Dad: Well, because Daddy wants to help people with their businesses and families. And if I record enough shows it can also help our family make more money so we can give, save, and spend more on things that are important and fun.

Pavlos: Can I do a show?

Dad: Sure. What do you want to do a show about?

Pavlos: With you.

Dad: With me? That sounds awesome. But what do you want to talk about?

Pavlos: I don’t know. But I can help people, too.

Dad: I bet you can! Sure, let’s do a show.

Pavlos: Can we make money on our show, too, so I can save up to buy a flying car?

Dad: Sure. We sure can, Pavlos.

Pavlos: Thanks!


And that’s how our podcast was born.


His two-year-old sister, Angela, joined us as our “special guest” on several episodes before taking over as co-host soon thereafter!


I’m pretty sure she holds the record for youngest podcast host at two years old…

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