In 2005, with the encouragement and support from family and friends, a lot of research and a small loan, Cheri L. Hallwood embarked on one of the most amazing journeys in her life . . . the journey into the world of writing and self-publishing–and Forever Young Publishers was born. As a young mother, Cheri had always dreamed of writing children’s stories. However, life has a way of putting our dreams on hold. It would be her grandchildren that would inspire her to fulfill that dream and rekindle her passion for writing. “My playful imagination is still a big part of who I am,” Cheri says with a grin. “Just ask my 6 grandchildren (all girls) . . . they say grandma is SO SILLY. I love it! Being a grandma is the BEST!” In 2006, Cheri released her first children’s picture book, Winter’s First Snowflake. While “Snowflake” was taking off, Cheri continued to write and work with artist, Patricia M. Rose, to create and publish her second book, The Curious Polka-Dot Present, followed by One Wish for Winifred Witch. Once again, her grandchildren would inspire her latest book by asking their grandma if she would consider trying something new . . . write a chapter book. Always up to a challenge, Cheri welcomed leaping into a different genre. So in 2014, with the help of two of her grandchildren, she wrote and published her first juvenile chapter book, Frogwilla, A Treefrog’s Story. She is currently working on a sequel to be released in 2018.