Waves of Energy Energy often moves. Energy can be carried from one place to another place by waves, electric currents, sound waves, and moving objects. Energy can move through air, water, wires, and even our bodies. Light is a kind of energy that moves from the sun to the Earth. Sound is another kind of energy that moves from our mouths to the ears of people when we speak. Kinds of Waves Energy moves through air, water and also our bodies. The wind moving over water makes waves on its surface. Sometimes the waves are small at other times they are big enough to toss a boat about. Waves rock a boat You may also have experienced making your own waves in a bathtub as you move around. Waves move in the form of high and low curves. Some other waves are like a coiled spring in a toy. Energy often moves. Light and sound are two forms of energy, which move in the form of waves. Light waves move as up and down waves. Sound waves move as back and forth waves like a coiled spring toy.