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GeekMom® is a parenting, technology, and culture blog designed to give many types of geeky moms a platform for their passions. We strive to share with our readers inspiration and ideas, narratives and news, from our unique perspective.

The GeekMom® blog was founded in 2010 by geeky moms who were writers for GeekDad® as a complement to that site. Now both sites, along with GeekKid, make up the Geek Family Network. The two parenting blogs share editorial duties and resources, and writers for both sites work together to bring the best content to readers. (Jenny Bristol, one of the original founders, continues as Editor-in-Chief and co-owner of GeekMom®, with Patricia Vollmer and Sophie Brown rounding out the editorial staff. Ken Denmead is Publisher, as well as GeekMom® co-owner.)

GeekMom® continues to deliver daily content on our writers’ passions, news items, products of interest, and our successes and challenges as parents. Our writers come from different generations and backgrounds with myriad interests, just as our readers do. Areas of interest and expertise include science, comics, tech, tabletop and video games, pop culture, art, books, history, programming, education, crafts, cooking, and, of course, parenting.

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