Global Nomads Group programs focus on storytelling, an interdisciplinary and powerful vehicle for young people to build empathy, global awareness, and action orientation skills. By exchanging their personal stories with one another, youth reflect on their families, cultures, communities, and contexts and allow them to make global issues personal, relevant, and actionable. For Educators: ​ Our classroom-based programs use technology to integrate global perspectives and knowledge into the classroom. We empower educators to facilitate online communication between middle and high school students (ages 12-18) around the world - particularly among youth who have limited opportunities to connect with one another. ​ Campfire is designed to be easily integrated and implemented in multiple learning settings--formal classrooms, after-school programs, and distance learning experiences --as well as with students who have varied learning styles, prior knowledge, preferences, and interests. For Parents: Our at-home programs allow teens to explore the global issues that matter to them most through curated global content (images, videos, academic and journalistic articles) and the exchange of personal stories with their global peers - sharing about their lives, communities and cultures. For Teens: ​ A virtual community where youth meaningfully interact, share stories, and form bonds across distance and difference. Small groups of peers (ages 16 to 19) from around the world come together for an hour-long, face-to-face virtual conversation to discuss their daily lives, hobbies, interests, identities, cultures, misconceptions, and what it means to be part of our ever-changing world.