Hong Kong Education City (Education City) (formerly known as Hong Kong Information Education City) was established in 2000 with the support of the Quality Education Fund and corporatized in 2002, becoming a government-owned company, dedicated to promoting academic circles The use of information technology is suitable for curriculum changes. Education City’s one-stop professional education website www.hkedcity.net combines information, resources, interactive communities and online services in one. Education City promises to keep pace with the times, to be an industry advocate, and to promote the academic community to improve the effectiveness of learning and teaching through information technology, and to meet new opportunities side by side with the education industry. Education City has been committed to developing a cross-regional high-quality network platform to:

  • Support schools and teachers for the interactive exchange of teaching resources and information, and establish a professional teaching community;
  • Encourage students to make good use of e-learning resources to meet the new trend of student-oriented autonomous learning;
  • Assist parents to nurture their children's growth and learning, promote whole-person development and lifelong learning.