Imagine Machine

Detailed Information

We invite you to join us on a new and exciting journey.
It all takes place in our Sandbox.
It’s here where we create new and exciting experiences for our children.
A tremendous amount of thought and planning goes into every one of our products.
That makes sure that each child has a creative and exciting experience; with every game, every interaction, and every application.
At iMagine Machine™ we invite everyone into our Sandbox so we can learn and play all together: developers, educators, writers, artists, animators, and musicians.

We hope you’ll join in the fun!

Preschool / Nursery, Preschool / Reception, Kindergarten / Year 1, Grade 1 / Year 2, Grade 2 / Year 3
Website/Online tool for Teacher, Website/Online tool for Parent, Mobile/Tablet App, Other Teacher Tool