Jungle Education

Detailed Information

Jungle Education, founded by Andrew Short, is committed to providing engaging, easy to use educational apps for the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. The award-winning apps include Jungle Time, Jungle Fractions, Jungle Coins, and Jungle Geometry.

Jungle Education apps have been featured by Apple in “Back to School”, “Apps for Kids”, “What’s Hot” and “New & Noteworthy”, among other categories.

It has featured jungle Education in the New York Times and Seattle Times Business sections.

Many apps sites have awarded the highest distinction to Jungle Education apps, including TeachersWithApps, Common Sense Media, and Parenting magazine.

Preschool / Nursery, Preschool / Reception, Kindergarten / Year 1, Grade 1 / Year 2, Grade 2 / Year 3
Website/Online tool for Parent, Mobile/Tablet App