This site is all about providing info for parents, when they need it, and for FREE! Kiddy Charts - We offer free reward charts, and a lot of other free printables and parenting advice too. We cover anything from potty training, eating and general parenting tips; with all the other kiddy related foibles in between! Our site includes giveaways, and product reviews as well to help you on your parenting journey. The site was founded in 2012 by Helen Neale, a proud mum of two; and she continues to be passionate about offering parents the resources on it for free as long as she can. Helen Neale is a well-know parent blogger, and a digital marketer. She has spoken at Mums Show Live, Britmums Live, and works in digital marketing for Channel Mum. She is professional qualified with an MSc in Information Science, and an Institute of Digital Marketing (IDM) qualification in Social Media Marketing too.