Knowbly helps organizations create digital content that engaged and inspired more than 10 million learners worldwide. Every day, we're changing and improving the way people learn in a rapidly evolving digital education landscape. We started around a common goal: make the creation of digital learning materials simple, creative, and collaborative. We're driven to make the authoring of interactive and personalized learning experiences easier, which is why our software puts the content creator in control. We’re designers, teachers, and engineers. Most importantly, we’re problem-solvers. We come to work every day excited to tackle new challenges, innovate solutions for our customers, and offer people at all stages of life a better way to learn. Our Mission / We started this company with one goal: to make interactive digital learning more effective, available, and easier to create. Our Motivation / Instructors deserve better, less complicated tools designed to their needs. Learners deserve content that is engaging, inspiring, and accessible. Our Promise / Our technology is designed to make your life easier, improve your content, and delight your learners. Our users drive our product and motivate us. Our Culture / Aside from being obsessed with sea life, we're goofballs, hard workers, learning design wonks, and a very driven group of team players.