One of the main goals of the Education Portal School Life is to help the teacher / lecturer, as well as the student and the parent to orientate in the educational technology landscape and to diversify teaching through exciting technological opportunities. In order to make the most of the portal, we recommend that you register as a School Life user ( guide ). Then you can participate in community content creation, add news / job postings / trainings, comment on news, mark important study materials and other content pages in School Life so that you can find them all in one place and most conveniently - you can configure your School Life desktop to fit your profile (My School Life Guide ). The subdivisions of school life are: News : School life editors write articles, conduct interviews, summarize everything important that is happening in the Estonian educational landscape, and translate and make available educational news from other parts of the world. All registered users can also add news themselves, you can find the guide here . Early Learning : or the new curriculum built an electronic database of teaching materials. From now on, there is also an e-School Bag , which is an environment for finding and publishing study materials and compiling collections of study materials. There are basic, general and vocational education teaching materials. Teaching materials are no longer added to the school life portal. HITSA Innovation Center is not responsible for the content and technical quality of the created study material. Communities : in communities, ie subject and interest groups, it is possible to share important information, study materials and exchange experiences. There are also online trainings for school life in communities. Each registered user of School Life can also create their own community - for example, it could be suitable for joint training of teachers of a subject society or one school, or a place to share information. Community guides can be found here . Tools : School life is good for teachers to get information about the online environments to be used in school. You can find newer tools on the blog of educational technologists . School life portal tools will not be added. Ads : Does the school need a new geography teacher, educational technologist or hobbyist? In school life, any registered user can add a job advertisement or job search advertisement. You can find the guide here . Training : Are you organizing an exciting training that could benefit the teacher? In school life, any registered user can add course messages. You can find the guide here . Newsletter: here you will find news, articles, references related to e-learning from Estonia and the rest of the world. This is an online version of the e-learning newsletter, where teachers, school leaders and educational technologists can find practical articles.