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To help users Chinese language skills more fluent, we append the new valued-added Premium Lessons, which has the following cool features:

■ Listening: You can listen to the entire dialogue or only areas you would like to improve.

■ Speaking: You can practice your pronunciation by recording your speaking and comparing it with the standard pronunciation.

■ Reading: You can tap on any words while reading and the app will demonstrate its pronunciation and translation. You may also add words to your favorite category and keep them in one place.

■ Dictation: Collaborative games are designed to test your ability to form sentences according to the audio. It will keep you motivated and master the lessons in no time.

■ Vocabulary: Key words for each lesson will be stored for future review.

■ Lessons: Contains various topics of REAL Chinese dialogues and new lessons will be added weekly

■ Offline learning supported.

■ Written translations in Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English.

■ Audios from native speakers are provided for each sentence.

■ Adjustable audio speed and font size.

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