To help students with reading deficits stay on track with classwork and enjoy reading, educators can sign up for free access to The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution. Provide students with equitable access to the largest library of “human-read” audiobooks, including, curriculum-aligned literature, fiction and nonfiction, and STEM textbooks. The proven, multi-sensory reading accommodation is ideal for remote learning from any device. Human-read audiobooks engage students to read independently, while bridging the gap between their reading ability and intellectual level. Highlighted text and hearing text narrated by subject experts and authors makes reading and learning effective, while building and reinforcing skills in decoding, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Students can also enjoy popular titles their friends are reading. A suite of educator resources supports teachers' efforts to easily manage assignments and track individual reading progress through data. The Solution includes a new Distance Learning Resource Site for teachers, students and parents, and the Square Panda Home Engagement Program for emergent readers. Zoolingo - Preschool Learning Games for Toddlers