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The Learning Foundation is an independent registered charity dedicated to helping children achieve their full potential. Here you will find full details of our beliefs, our strategy, and our people.

Key Principles

1. Access for all children
To support digital access for all children and particularly those whose circumstances adversely affect their ability to achieve their full educational potential. We believe that when children and young people are given the chance to reach their full potential, this impacts positively on their options for life.

2. Supporting teaching & learning
We believe that technology-enabled learning, particularly when delivered through a 1:1 device access program, has the capability to uplift learning for all children, to aid the closure of the attainment gap, and encourage struggling learners to reach their full educational potential. There is compelling evidence demonstrating that personal access to a digital device also impacts positively on learning attitudes, confidence, wellbeing, behavior, and homework habits as well as preparing young people for increasingly digital life. We will therefore support schools in introducing effective and sustainable programs – where every child has their own device to allow learning to take place at school and at home. We will do this as independent and experienced experts.

3. Sharing responsibility
We view good access to learning technologies as a shared responsibility, with schools and families each playing their roles. We will work through schools and families as the most effective route; ensuring that linking children with technology is done within an educational and supportive framework. In this way, we are also able to scale our work to impact larger numbers of children more quickly.

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