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Childhood is full of “firsts” – the first swimming lesson, the first plane ride, the first trip to the dentist, the first haircut; the list goes on. While parents celebrate each discovery, many kids think these new experiences are scary stuff.

Now there’s an educational way to turn fear into fun and confidence. Luca Lashes is a line of online children’s books and apps based on a boy with magic eyelashes that give him special brave powers. Follow Luca as he and his parents conquer fearful firsts, from brushing his teeth to visiting mommy in the hospital. A parent’s section at the back of each book highlights key teaching concepts and offers questions parents can use to prompt learning opportunities. The concepts are mirrored in the user experience as kids and parents interact with the words and illustrations.

The LucaLashes Series was created to:

• Encourage confidence in children to face new situations
• Support parents in aiding their children to face the “scary stuff”
• Encourage kids to begin reading at an early age
• Support quality time spent with parent and child
• Offer a jump-start on developing foreign language skills
• Offer parental suggestions aid kids in overcoming hurdles
This series of iPad apps for preschoolers and toddlers is available in Chinese, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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