Arrived on the web in 2013, the editorial line was quickly defined through “test” posts, mainly baby items at the start to evolve over time towards something more lifestyle. Ninie is growing up, his toys too, Papa Chou also wanted to participate in the adventure by writing a few notes from time to time until he finally took up his quarters! Why Chou? A simple little sweet word that eventually took hold! > Mom: 31 years old, addicted to shopping and decoration, always a lover of toys. With the birth of Ninie, I became knowledgeable about childcare. Geek in my spare time, I can spend more than 700 hours on a game! > Dad: 40 years old, the only boy in the house and addicted to new technologies. It's hard to reconcile family life and geekeries, it's all about finding the right balance and sharing this passion with your family! > Ninie: 7 years old, princess and crazy about Pokémon and the Disney universe. A room that looks more like a playroom than a real place to sleep. Little girl full of charm and with a strong character that the geek virus has not spared! > Trotro: A little prince or a little princess will soon join our little troop! > Nala: almost 3 years old, she joined our family in November 2017! She brings a lot of fun and silly things to the house!