Why Membean in Your School?

Knowing the meanings of words, and being able to use them, is an essential skill for both reading comprehension and effective writing. Researchers have long known that teaching individual words is essential, but it's even more important to build a student's word consciousness. Membean helps:
  • Focus limited resources

    Creating an effective vocabulary learning system is arduous and challenging, something which most teachers do not have time to do in the most effective and efficient way.
  • Reinforce learning

    Our Memory Engine schedules learning and repetitions to ensure that what students learn is not forgotten.
  • Capture attention

    Membean provides more than seven different ways of learning a word. With engaging content such as audio, video, and word pictures, Membean's game-like format succeeds in overcoming short attention spans.
  • Differentiate instruction

    Our tool customizes a learning program for each and every student based on her existing skill level and speed of progress.