Mixilab - A Video Editor’s Toolkit. Focus on creativity. We’ll cover everything else. Animotica - Moviemaker Create, edit, add flair, effects, and animations to help your masterpiece shine even brighter. All in a super-simple drag-and-drop interface you’ll catch the hang of in your first minutes! Screen Recorder Rocking Windows 10 on your machine? Benefit from a native Screen Recorder to avoid the challenges most capturing bring. An area of your screen? Webcam? Mic? You name it, we’ll help you make a crisp recording of it! Video Cutter & Compressor Why carry the “extra pounds” when you can reduce the size of your clips up to 20 times? And if that’s not enough we’ll toss a couple of handy features on top allowing you to rotate clips, change their resolution or aspect ratio in a snap! Video To Photo Looking for that perfect thumbnail or simply wish to preserve a very special memory from a video clip? Who are we to say “no” to that? Pick your favorite moment and extract a photo from a video in only two clicks! That’s simpler than making a snapshot! CropiPIC Why reshoot an otherwise perfect photo when you can crop it to make it fit as flawlessly as the last piece of a puzzle? Crop your photos and videos with ease, enhance the experience with bombarding colors or enchanting music – all in but a handful of clicks.