Money Munchkids

Detailed Information

Money Munchkids is a company dedicated to teaching kids about money with products, free resources, downloadable, and a podcast. Dyslexia friendly, Autism approved, ADHD friendly.

At Money Munchkids we understand that children learn in different ways. That’s why we’ve created
a variety of products for parents to use at home to help their children learn money management
and financial education. Our home education products are secular and made for all learning styles.

Our Products Include:
Financial Education Curriculum
Financial Education Games
Digital Activity Books
Financial Educational Accessories
and more!

Free Resources & Podcast
We want to help everyone learn about money and all things related to making good financial decisions.
Keeping this goal in mind we’ve created our financial education directory which you can find articles, videos and other helpful resources.We also have the Money Munchkids podcast where we talk about:

all things money
ways to make money as kids and as adults
career deep dives
featuring amazing kids and child authors
educational companies
financial education topics
family and homeschooling tips & tales
financial education resources and books and much more!

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