All About Mr Lockett's Maths Apps I have been a teacher for 10 years and I am currently an AHT for Standards in Maths and English, Year 5/6 phase leader and a full time Year 6 class teacher. I have a Mathematics degree and a PGCE. I taught in Croydon for 4 years, in years four and six where I was also the Mathematics Leader. Then I moved to Dorset where I have taught in years five and six and I have been the Mathematics Leader for last six years here too. I have a real passion for maths and therefore have created two different Apps to try and engage children in Maths to prove to them that maths is fun and get them to learn whilst playing games...... From the sucess of Paint by Maths (my first app), I have created two colouring books (PDFs). One is based on KS1 Mathematics objectives and the second is based on Year3/4 maths objectives. I have found that children (even in Year 6) love colouring and using maths in different ways! Rather than working on another worksheet about 10 more and 10 less than - working out the answer to colour a hidden pictures is much more exciting. As both a teacher and a Maths leader I have created (and continue to create) numerous maths resources, puzzles and activites. The free ones are downloadable from this website and I hope you find them useful!