We started by reinventing the spoon for kids. For children, conventional baby spoons are tough. It is known to you. We know that. Babies know it, certainly! That's because conventional baby spoons are meant for children with more specialized abilities. The NumNum ® Pre-Spoon GOOtensil was the first in a new beginning spoon category created for babies who have not yet created wrist rotation, a major motor ability that sets in after the second birthday of an infant. There have been many awards for creative flat architecture, but most significantly, it has won over the hearts of babies and parents worldwide. It was a fine start. So what is the deal with bowls for toddlers? They actually appear to be designed to maximize the risk of being tipped over. So, from the ground up, we rebuilt it and renamed it the Beginner Bowl. Relax, parents, it's not going anywhere in this tub.