Why Choose Our House Homeschooling - If you are a parent that is considering homeschooling for any or all of these reasons, then I invite you to explore my site and visit my Youtube channel for more information on why I switched to homeschooling, and how we implemented the Robinson Curriculum successfully in our home. It is a great homeschooling curriculum where you create a foundation for your children to become critical thinkers, problem solvers independent learner and teach themselves. If you're overwhelmed with the thought of teaching your child all these subjects at different levels every day, the Robinson Curriculum breaks it down to 2 hours of math, 1 hour of writing, 2 hours of reading, and work is done independently. As a parent, your job is to teach the younger children how to read and memorizing their math facts, in preparation for their first math book (Saxon 5/4). If cost is a concern, the Robinson Curriculum is one of the most affordable home schooling options there is.