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Free, fun-themed, lesson plans daily that include printable worksheets for math, reading, writing, STEM science experiments, DIY art projects and often even music! They also aggregate a HUGE list of free, virtual classes from around the country.

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Why Every Child Should Learn to Code
Why should kids learn how to code? This is an important question to address before getting to the list of free coding websites and apps.

1. Coding teaches kids problem solving skills
Understanding how to code also gives kids an understanding of how computers work in general. They learn to think like engineers and use logic to solve problems.

2. Learning how to code expands creativity
There is a lot of experimentation involved in kids writing code. They often have to “think outside of the box” to create solutions. It is also a huge confidence boost when a child works on solving a problem, attempts to tackle it in multiple ways, and finally finds a solution.

3. Programming improves thinking skills
In order to write computer programs, you have to learn how to think differently. This is why coding develops your logical thinking skills. You gain an understanding of how to break a large problem down into smaller parts.

4. Coding is a fun way for kids to learn math
All of us would love for our kids to practice math outside of school, but getting kids excited to practice math is not always the easiest task. However, computer programming relies heavily on math skills. So your kids won’t even notice that they are practicing math, when they are having fun!

5. Computer coding is the future
In today’s world (and in the future), it is increasingly important that everyone learns how to read and write computer code. Gone are the days when only computer scientists write code. People who work in a variety of sectors (including health, technology or finance) may be expected to write, or at least understand, code and scripts.

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