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I have been teaching mathematics for over 8 years at the college/university level and tutoring for over 15 years.  Currently I teach part time at Austin Community College, but have also taught at Vanderbilt University (a top 20 ranked university) and at the University of Louisville.

Often times, people are nervous about getting help in math: don’t be!  I tell my students all the time that math is challenging for all of us at one point or another.  My intent is to provide clear and thorough explanations and to present them in an environment in which the student is comfortable.   mannequinAlthough I do not promise to make someone into an A+ student overnight, with regular help just about every student I have encountered makes significant improvements over time.  Think about learning math in the same way you would learn to play the piano or learn another language: it takes time, patience, and LOTS of practice.

Grade 10 / Year 11, Grade 11 / Year 12, Grade 12 / Year 13
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