Play based learning of high-frequency words for early reading and writing

A fun way to learn new words

We teamed up with early educators to create a proven method for kids to learn sight words at home and in the classroom Visual We understand that most kids are visual learners which is why we created a fun learning experience with playful illustrations and colourful design. Auditory High integration of voice-cue prompts and correct word pronunciation to support kids of all learning capacities. This means kids can learn on their own. Contextual You can read or listen to short sentences for each sight word. This is a great way for kids to learn how to use high frequency words in context.
  • Learning Tool

    With 220 words to learn, kids will learn basic to complex words for early reading and writing.

    Picture Sentences

    Playful illustrations helps to teach kids how the words they are learning can be used in sentences.

    Unlock Words

    There are 44 different levels, which slowly increase in reading difficulty as your child progresses.

    Earn Rewards

    Kids can earn plenty of points and badges to recognise their efforts! Its a fun way to learn.