Advice for teaching online effectively, Suggested resources For students with dyslexia, for homeschooling and kindergarten prep. Welcome to the Read to Rewire! Read to Rewire was founded in January 2019 on two principles. The main principle was that with appropriate intervention and instruction that supports the science of reading, one would be able to “rewire “or create new pathways to have a positive effect on a struggling reader’s brain. This specialized, research -based teaching involved direct and explicit, structured, multi-sensory, and sequential instruction using Orton Gillingham /Wilson Reading Programs with a trained instructor. The second founding principle was that students with dyslexia could be taught online successfully, despite their geographic location. I believed that no matter the distance or circumstances, children with dyslexia deserved appropriate access to proper intervention. My approach to online teaching preserves each component of the research-based instruction that is essential for students with dyslexia. My methods maintain the guiding principles of the programs, while replicating the success of the in-person experience. I focus on the core relationship with the child and customize lessons to their needs, with a emphasis on minimizing technology and maximizing engagement.