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Increased Motivation
Understand why something works in Realism through hands on real world experience. No more basic 2D simulations or videos: put yourself in the shoes of real scientists and engineers.

Deep Understanding
Realism just isn’t a powerful learning tool – students love using it. Our 3D game mechanics found in Fortnite & Minecraft elevate the lab experience to real, genuine fun. Take your classroom to the next level.

NGSS Alignment
Realism is built upon the very inquiry learning pedagogy championed by the NGSS. Every single lab is deeply integrated into the standards and methodologies that define 21st century learning.

Grade 4 / Year 5, Grade 5 / Year 6, Grade 6 / Year 7, Grade 7 / Year 8, Grade 8 / Year 9, Grade 9 / Year 10, Grade 10 / Year 11, Grade 11 / Year 12, Grade 12 / Year 13
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