Rotating Globe

Detailed Information

“Rotating Globe” is an augmented reality app that displays a world map as a globe. The Globe float’s in front of you. The user can navigate the globe using swipe or tap. The user can also find the current Weather conditions by entering zip code.

The user can enter a US zip code and get the current weather information. A small emoji shows the weather condition ( Rain, Haze, Snow, or Wind) along with the temperature. There are also effects for Rain, Snow, Wind, Cloud, and Haze.

If the user wants to look at a particular continent or a country in the globe, just tap once. The globe stops rotating. When tapped again, the globe will rotate. The user can also swipe left, right, up, and down to see different places, countries, and continents in the rotating globe. The user can combine swipe and tap to navigate around the rotating globe to see unique places and enhance their general knowledge.

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