Stack the countries is an educational geography game teaching and testing students on the countries of the world and their shapes, neighbours, landmarks, capital cities, languages, flags, and other geographical facts. The game supplies world maps and flash cards with country facts that can be studied before playing the game portion of the app. Gameplay involves reading questions and choosing from four different countries or country shapes as the answer. The game is not timed. If the player answers the question correctly, they get to drop the country onto the waiting platform. Students keep dropping countries on the platform, moving or rotating them as desired before dropping, until enough are stacked up to reach the checkered line. The player then receives a random country that gets placed on the chosen map. Once students receive 20 countries, a second game called Map It is unlocked. After 50 countries, a third game called Pile Up is unlocked. Six different profiles can be saved in the game, and there is also a guest player option.