Teaching online can open up interesting opportunities. Always wanted to teach at UCLA but live in Minnesota? Teach online! Want to moonlight but want to keep your full-time job? Teach online! Don't have your PhD yet but want teach postsecondary classes? Teach them online! The “take it anywhere” and adjunct-friendly nature of online teaching means flexibility with where you can teach and get started even if you’re not sure you want to be a professor full time or if you’re still working toward earning your doctorate (and we all know how long that can take). Of course, there are some drawbacks: being able to take your job everywhere means that work tends to follow you around. And as students get used to the flexibility of logging in whenever they want, you may find yourself grading and offering feedback at odd hours. There’s also the matter of the system learning curve. It’s not easy to master new technology — especially when your work depends on it. But once mastered, taking your teaching skills digital can give you the flexibility to travel, a great part-time job option, or simply a change of pace from your classroom experiences. Here’s what to know about teaching online.