For early readers and bedtime adventurers, it's an award-winning children's book collection. The nighttime visions of Camellia take her on magical journeys to all seven continents, under the sea, and into space, where she learns about the climate, animals, and natural resources and develops an admiration for them. MEET with CAMELLIA N. She is curious, she is feisty and she is invincible! With Camellia N. He is outspoken, optimistic, spirited, enthusiastic, and resourceful. She's a friend who we wish that we had ... Most of us just think of  going to places and flying. Much as kids do normally, Camellia N. Ask for everything! She is open to the world around her, loving, lovable, and happy about it. Just like Camellia N. She falls asleep at night, picking the stuffed animals carefully to accompany her on her bedtime adventures. These fuzzy companions set the tone for the part of the universe that she'll be visiting soon. Camellia drifts off to sleep. And she is ready to continue her amazing ECO-ADVENTURES in a totally new world when she awakens from her warm bed.