Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for the iPad is an interactive application as well as an experience of Renaissance art. Illustrator and creator Emmanuel Paletz has created new ways to simultaneously transport readers and crack the riddles of Lewis Carroll's long-admired classic. By incorporating Dutch and Flemish Renaissance art, Paletz has found a way to visually reveal the many political, historical, philosophical, and social layers of this tale. This story has been told many times before but never in this light. With incredible detail, subtle imagery, and historical influence, Paletz has designed more than a whimsical children's book. This is an art book, a conceptual book, and an educational book. People who love Renaissance art will sit down with this application and appreciate the hints and riddles Paletz pulls from Carroll's work and weaves into his collages. Parents will sit with their children and bring them lessons in history and art through Alice's highly imaginative tale. With the application's interactive features, combined animations, and sound effects, readers will find a new way to get lost in reading. This book is for anyone who is craving adventure.