Welcome to the The At Home Dad Show… your weekly dose of wisdom from two Stay-at-Home-Dads perfecting the art of keeping up a home, raising children, and other manly stuff. This is our podcast for guys taking on the challenges of raising a family while also encouraging and supporting their wives’ and their careers.   The Stay at Home Dad is trending right now in historic numbers as we break away from the stereotypical Leave it To Beaver family of the 1950’s and welcome in the modern family of today. A family structure that embraces breadwinning wives and the dads who stay home with the kids.   This switch from traditional family norms is happening for many reasons… but primarily women continue to climb higher in the workforce taking on more demanding, higher income careers. So sometimes it makes economic sense for dad to pull full-time kid duty.   But with this role reversal also comes challenges for both moms and us dads. On this show we address these struggles while also examine the benefits that having a stay at home dad can provide for the whole family.   We’ll be having all kinds of guests on this show; friends, dads, moms, kids, teachers, doctors, celebrities, people who know celebrities and maybe even pets. And we will do this all from the comfort of the eclectically bizarre dad cave… aka Baker’s garage.