This podcast is for: 1.    The totally blind through to people with limited vision – Blinkies and Blindies. 2.    Beginners through to experienced. 3.    Active participants or armchair spectators. 4.    All ages – Fetus to fossil. 5.    Men and women, boys and girls, those who have swapped sides and the undecided. 6.    An International audience – Even my off the planet mates. 7.    The “Supportive sighty” (that may include) •    friends and family •    sports club members •    disability agencies •    health professionals •    guides and Volunteers   The goals and objectives of The Blind Sport Podcast are to: •    Assist others to start or enhance their sport. •    Build a community where we can share experiences, hints and tips and express a variety of different views. •    Support each other. •    Support the supporters. •    Learn about new sports. •    Promote blind specific events or classifications. •    Celebrate blind sport.   Each episode will include recorded Interviews, news, hints and tips, personal opinions and of course your messages on a wide range of topics related to blind sport.