heSchoolRun is the website for primary-school parents who want to help their children with their education and make sure they stay healthy, have fun and get the best possible start in life. From KS2 SATs past papers to the best ways to learn times tables and prepare for the weekly spelling test, we cover every aspect of your child's time at primary school and offer information, advice, a community of like-minded parents and thousands of worksheets and activities to boost your child's confidence in English, maths and science. Not sure what a number square is? Foxed by homework about embedded clauses? We explain primary school terminology, teachers' expectations and how to use chunking to divide – because we've experienced what it's like to feel clueless about what your child is learning and wanted parent-friendly guidance. TheSchoolRun is owned and run by a small team of mums all working from home. This means all your queries will be answered personally – nothing is filtered through an enormous and anonymous customer service team – and we aim to respond via email within 24 hours (at 1am sometimes!) but unfortunately we can't offer a fully-staffed phoneline, so please bear with us. Some of us have worked together for many years (Dani, Elena, Fiona, Lucy and Romiley used to work for parenting magazines). Our customer service team (Phillipa, Michelle and Nicola) are friends who we've known for a long time and were looking for family-friendly work to fit in with the (real-life) school run.