Guided, self-paced Algebra discovery. A student-driven Algebra learning system including: thought-provoking lessons; unlimited practice; mastery self-testing; automatically targeted video lessons; a powerful WYSIWYG maths editor; a public Algebra help forum; and an expert system-powered "private tutor" checking every step of every problem, offering hints and providing solutions as requested. <gasp> And a sense of humor. Learn Algebra Your Way You know best how you learn, so we give you the tools and get out of the way. more A Good Teacher... ...helps you discover Algebra for yourself in small steps, beginning with common sense and a sound understanding of arithmetic. Step-By-Step Help Stuck on a step? Don’t know where to start? Or could your number facts be stronger? Tilton's Algebra helps four ways. Instant Feedback Learning requires quality practice. Quality practice means feedback as soon as each step is done, not the next day. Test Yourself How do you know if you have really learned Algebra? Test yourself! On-Line Algebra Study Group Tilton's Algebra is a powerful Algebra learning system, but sometimes we need to hear from another person to get unstuck.