Tinkerclass offers screenless STEAM project-based activities to keep students thinking and tinkering like scientists all week-long this September! Tune in to the Monday episode of Wow in the World, the #1 Kids & Family podcast produced by Tinkercast and distributed by NPR, where hosts Mindy and Guy Raz will introduce the weekly project. The rest of the week, check back to the Wow in the World podcast feed for short audio sparks to keep the learning and exploring going. Students will plan, research, experiment and tinker with items you have around the house! Want to go deeper?  Become a W.O.W. member to get weekly printables that go along with the free daily podcasts. W.O.W. Teacher members have access to ready-to-go, no-prep-needed, NGSS-aligned presentations of Tinkerclass’ weekly projects that they can share with their whole class through Google Classroom &/or sharable links! Visit these sites to learn more!  

Podcast is always free
WOW Teacher Memberships: $40/year or Free through FirstBook partnership for Title I School teachers https://www.fbmarketplace.org/wow-in-the-world
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