Create and destroy on a scale you never before imagined.   Universe Sandbox is a space simulator that merges gravity, climate, collision, and material interactions to reveal the beauty of our universe and the fragility of our planet.   Realistically model our solar system or bend the laws of physics. Speed up time and watch stars evolve till they supernova. Manipulate Earth's seasons or twist its orbit outward and freeze the oceans solid. Then spawn a galaxy nearby to rip apart the Milky Way.   With an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift+Touch, or WMR headset, you can fly around your simulation, melt planets with a giant laser, and hurl them around with a flick of the wrist.   Now available on Steam Early Access for PC, Mac, and Linux/SteamOS  


  • Climate simulation
  • Advanced collision simulation
  • Stellar evolution and supernovae
  • Terraforming
  • Material system | Build planets out of hydrogen, iron, rock, & water
  • Light-warping black holes
  • Procedurally generated planets, stars, & galaxies
  • Historical simulations - ride along with Juno, New Horizons, & other spacecraft
  • Original soundtrack by Macoubre (available for purchase in the future)
  • VR support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift+Touch, & WMR
  • Support for 20+ languages
  • Share & explore simulations on Steam Workshop