Virtual Algebra Tiles

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Select a virtual tile activity on the left to view the applet for that topic. See the list below for a more detailed description of each applet.

1) Modeling Expressions – Create a given algebraic expression with algebra tiles.

2) Simplifying Expressions – Practice finding and canceling zero pairs to simplify expressions. Great for practice with negatives.

3) Adding Polynomials – Practice adding and subtracting terms and polynomials with algebra tiles.

4) Solving One-Step Equations – Promotes a better understanding of why the algebraic steps work by practicing on simple one-step equations.

5) Solving Two-Step Equations – Expands on the understanding in one-step equations to include division as method for solving.

6) Multiplication – Use algebra tiles to visualize multiplication of terms, the distributive property, and binomial multiplication.

7) Factoring Trinomials – Use algebra tiles to visually and physically factor challenging trinomials.

8) Completing the Square – Literally complete a square to better understand and visualize this algebraic process.

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