Our customers love our products because we’re a bit obsessive.  We know that if someone spends hours every day in our apps, everything matters. We agonize over the placement of every button. Every bug makes us cringe. We practice continuous improvement: we improve and refine our products regularly. Our attitude can be summed up in one word: Love. Many companies claim they make the world a better place. But for us, social impact is not a marketing and recruiting tool. It guides everything we do, every decision we make. We created a special version of an app for one single child who needed a specialized font. We donated our software to those who can’t afford it. We don’t develop games: we choose to develop apps that truly empower and enrich. We want to be around 20 years from now. This is why we don’t give away our apps for free to chase growth. We set reasonable prices and keep our costs low. We keep our company small and rely on word of mouth instead of paying for marketing. If we’re sustainable, our customers benefit, because their most valuable investment — time — will pay dividends for many years to come.