Are you ready to be an artist? Are you ready to silence your inner critic, to find ways around all the obstacles, until you find a path to something beautiful that you made and only you could make? Are you ready to feel better about the art you are making? Are you ready to use all those ideas instead of let them paralyze you? Are you ready to get unstuck, in your mind, your unfinished projects, and in life?   Fall in love with the creative side of you again. To feel more confident in your creative work. To stop getting stuck- either because of fear of the blank page, or because of your constant overflow of potential ideas and finally take meaningful action!   Take those classes, make art, play music, sew some fabric together, pic up that pencil, write the story, move your body, notice the colors, document the details, find joy and beauty all around you, and create your own version. Do it for you. Do it for them. Put your unique stamp on this world. This life is your chance.