Wise: The Bloodhound Model Rocket Car Challenge

Detailed Information

About the Project

Run in schools or clubs the challenge can be taken on by anybody in full-time education but must be supervised by a responsible adult.

 The Challenge:

  • Open to individuals, groups, schools and colleges from all over the world
  • Consists of four classes – 3 limited by the length of track and size of the rocket or the unlimited class where any number, size or type of rocket can be used
  • Run in association with Guinness World Records

Can be run as a cross-curricular activity with teams researching, designing and building their model rocket cars as part of their science, technology and maths lessons

Making model rocket cars is an exciting activity, but as with all projects, there needs to be clear goals and objectives to make it a success.

Grade 6 / Year 7, Grade 7 / Year 8, Grade 8 / Year 9, Grade 9 / Year 10, Grade 10 / Year 11, Grade 11 / Year 12, Grade 12 / Year 13, Higher Education
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