Digital books and stories accessible from mobile devices and functionality to support reading instruction. Available in 52 languages. In 2010 we visited a school in Ghana, taking with us a bunch of kindles loaded with books. We didn’t know what to expect. We watched the kids start to read— the curiosity you could see in their faces was every bit as exciting as it is when you look at your own kids. After finishing a book, they would look up and say “can we have another one?” and within 90 seconds they would be reading again. Very quickly we realized this was going to work. We first brought e-reading programs to schools, then libraries. Over time, we understood that we could reach even more people by making our ever-growing library of digital books available on mobile phones. So in 2013, we launched Worldreader for mobile phones, making it possible for anyone, anywhere with a data-connected phone to access thousands of digital books.