Yoga Learning Adventures specializes in yoga for kids and professional development for educators. Today, teachers and students face more stress than ever — that’s why Angie Swearingian is on a mission to empower them with the self-regulation skills they need to thrive. After teaching in Peoria Public Schools for 17 years, Angie deeply understands the day-to-day struggles students and teachers confront. As a registered adult and children’s yoga instructor, Angie has taught secular, research-based yoga and mindfulness for seven years. In 2017, she capitalized on her unique insights and became a professional development provider for educators specializing in yoga and mindfulness techniques that help children meet Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) standards. Now, Angie hosts public yoga classes for kids and trains teachers and students at schools across the Peoria area and beyond, in addition to providing a Yoga Alliance approved 95-hour Children's Yoga Training Program.