Zibuza is an online professional learning community (PLC) that aims to improve the quality of teaching in South Africa by means of discussions, collaborations, and access to resources. Zibuza is personalized to meet the individual and collective needs of a teacher based on location, grade, subjects, and interests. We save teachers valuable time.

At Zibuza.net, we believe that teachers are the heartbeat of our nation!
Our online professional learning community (PLC) aims to elevate the status of teachers in South Africa by providing professional development, support, and teacher appreciation. We provide teachers with access to a wide range of resources that support high-quality learning. Zibuza.net improves lesson delivery by providing teachers access to quality resources like lesson plans, classroom activities, tools, and applications to be more productive and efficient. We leverage technology to improve performance by enabling a professional learning community that is socially driven. These interactions are used to calculate where value is created and also quantify demand, whereby we match corporate sponsors to fund premium content for teachers, thus bridging the digital divide. Zibuza.net aims to transform training and professional development. Teachers can access courseware and collaborate with peers and professionals to continuously refine and enhance their personal and professional growth over time. Our platform was the first digital platform to be endorsed by SACE and teachers can earn up to 8x Continuous Teacher Professional Development (CPTD) points annually for participating and contributing Zibuza.net. We are also pioneering the way forward with the SACE and 3rd party providers to deliver online CPTD for teachers. Quantitative and qualitative data is used to support and develop teachers to ensure they accumulate the required 150 CPTD points within a 3-year period.