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Top 10 Best Nursery Rhymes Apps for your Kiddos

Rhymes apps are the best tools for improving your kids’ literacy skills at an early age. 

Along with read-aloud apps, rhymes apps teach a myriad of topics through catchy songs—ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes, you name it. And you can all access them in just one device! 

Besides the convenience that they bring, rhymes apps ultimately improve kids’ visual and listening skills. Plus, developers also provide constant updates to make sure they’re running like well-oiled machines. 

If you want your kid to be equipped with good reading skills, install nursery rhymes apps. Check out this list of our ten favorites.

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Top 10 Best Nursery Rhymes Apps

These apps don’t just offer nursery rhymes. They also have games, activities, and exercises for toddlers. That’s why they made it on our list. 



iOS and Android | Free to download 

Zoolingo is one of the best rhymes apps for kids aged 2 years old and above. 

Besides being available in 16 languages, it’s also jam-packed with preschool games, activities, puzzles, and songs. 

Zoolingo’s nursery rhymes are easy to follow. It has the unbeatable classics: Old McDonald in a Farm, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and more. Here’s a nursery rhyme from Zoolingo, Five Little Monkeys:

They can also sing along to phonics songs on Zoolingo like this one: 

Best of all, a cute monkey mascot named Moolingo dances along. It is entertaining and educational to no end. 

On the app, your kids can explore games and activities that explore colors, shapes, alphabet, phonics, and numbers. Zoolingo also has a state-of-the-art direction, perfect for kids who are particularly visual learners.

You can download Zoolingo for free on iOS and Android.

Get it on Google Play
nursery rhymes apps by C Research Labs

Nursery Rhymes by Canisrigel Research Labs

Android | Free

It sounds like one of the straightforward rhymes apps, but what you see is what you get indeed. 

This app by Canisrigel Research Labs has over 60 rhymes you can download for offline use. Your kids can sing along to the classic nursery rhymes with fun animated visuals.

Some of the songs on the app are Little Bo Peep, Three Blind Mice, Little Teapot, Muffin Man, and Row Your Boat. There are 55 more of them on the app. 

You can list a few songs as your favorites so you can easily access them. You can also shuffle, loop, and play the songs in the background. Even if your kid closes the app accidentally, the song will still play. 

100 Top Nursery Rhymes Apps by WowKidz

100 Top Nursery Rhymes & Videos by WowKidz

Android | Free

100 Top Nursery Rhymes & Videos is filled to the brim with good content for toddlers. 

There are 100 audio rhymes to which your kids can listen. That number even excludes the music videos, stories, and habits on the app. 

Your kids can also view the lyrics for each nursery rhyme on the page. They can also tap the screen for the stories. Besides the rhymes, your kids can also learn about the alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes.

How about the user interface? It has a pretty coherent art direction. It’s clean and approachable for small hands that like swiping and tapping. 

All pieces of content on this app are free to download for offline use. You don’t need to stream them. 

Nursery Song Collection by TabTale - rhymes apps

Nursery Rhymes Song Collection by TabTale LTD

iOS | Free-to-download with in-app purchases

Are you looking for interactive rhymes apps? This app might be ideal for your kids!

TabTale’s Nursery Rhymes app lets kids enjoy animated nursery rhymes, which they can interact with by tapping and swiping. They can sing along with lyrics on-screen and play the activities as well.

The rhymes have high-definition sound and graphics, which could easily engage kids. If you want variety, though, this app might not be for you. It only has six songs: 

  • The ABC Song
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • If You’re Happy and You Know it
  • Old Macdonald’s Farm
  • Jingle Bells (Christmas Song)
  • We wish you a Merry Christmas (Christmas Song)

However, the app compensates for its lack of quantity in its song quality, well-crafted graphics, and interaction element. This is an app that will keep your kid busy singing and speaking complete sentences in no time. 


Pinkfong Baby Shark Songs & Stories.

Android | Free with in-app purchases 

Ah, the famous Baby Shark Brooklyn and his family of adorable sharks! 

This family has definitely taken the world by storm. Pinkfong has over 35 million subscribers on YouTube, and they are bringing the world-famous rhymes on this app.

On this app, you can enjoy stories and songs that feature the Baby Shark family, Pinkfong, dinosaurs, shapes, numbers, ABCs, and more. You can also select topics and gather them in a collection for your kids. 

The whole family can sing along to the addictive rhymes even without WiFi. All the rhymes are free to download. There’s a screen-lock mode as well. 

This is definitely one of the best rhymes apps that should be on your phone. 


Kidzooly Nursery Rhymes by VGMinds TechStudios

iOS & Android | Free

It’s safe to say that  Kidzooly is one of the best rhymes apps out there. Content- and interface-wise, it’s the one to beat. 

Kidzooly has a colorful, high-quality array of animated nursery rhymes. The graphics are clearly drawn by a professional, and they’re not too intricate that it hurts the eyes. The animations are cute and entertaining, too. 

Besides the classic rhymes like “Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round,” there are also lullabies, preschool songs, and dance songs. Children can easily use the app on their own with the no-nonsense interface. 

The contents on this app are free to download for offline use as well.

Nursery Rhymes App by Lisbon Labs

Nursery Rhymes Collection by Lisbon Labs

iOS | Free with in-app purchases

This app brings a collection of familiar nursery rhymes. Two songs, “Row, row, row your boat” and “Old MacDonald had a farm,” are free to download for offline use. The others are for purchase. 

If you like to buy the songs in one purchase, you can get a discounted price of $8.97.

What we love about this app are its art direction and graphics. The characters are easy to recognize. The songs, meanwhile, have great quality as well. 

While playing a song, you can choose to turn on the subtitles or switch it off. You can also enable or disable the voiceover of the professional singer on the rhyme.

At a size of 139 MB, it’s a bit heavier than most of the apps on this list, considering its number of songs. But this size is typically manageable.


KidloLand by IDZ Digital

iOS & Android| Free with in-app purchases

Along with Zoolingo, Kidloland is one of the 5-star rhymes apps on this list. It has other awards to its name as well. But is the app really worth its accolades?

With no doubt, it is. It’s a jam-packed kids’ app with songs, nursery rhymes, games, and activities. In fact, there are 3000 of them. That’s quite a lot compared to the others on this list. If you want variety, then this should be on the top of your list. 

There are original songs and rhymes on this app that are free to download. Besides those, you and your kid can bond over the interactive stories, play games that enhance fine-motor skills, and learn from math, spelling, and alphabet games.

You can even let your kid play basic coding games on this app. Now, get a load of that.

This app is definitely worth your time. 

LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes

LooLoo Kids – Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Songs

iOS & Android | Free trial with in-app purchases 

“Johny, Johny! Yes, Papa?” Does that sound familiar? If your kid likes this song, you can get LooLoo Kids on your Android device.

It brings you “Johny and Friends”, the famous digital series on YouTube on this app. 

Along with that, your kids can enjoy classic rhymes like Itsy Bitsy Spider, Five Little Ducks, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They can also learn letters, colors, shapes, spelling, alphabet, and numbers on here. 

The app also has a download-for-offline-use feature. Your kids can watch an entire series and videos on this app without an internet connection. 

For security and privacy, you can also tweak the app’s Parent Control and Parent Lock. 

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes Lite


iOS and Android | Free

ChuChu TV is a popular YouTube channel for kids. This app is the lite version, but don’t mistake that for less quality. This app is still heaps of fun, and the content and interface are still top-notch.

You can now watch the videos from their YouTube channel on the app. They are also available in six languages:  English, English (India), Spanish, Portuguese, French, Tamil, and Hindi. 

As for the content, the videos teach educational and entertaining topics—rhymes, the alphabet, numbers, animals, good, cars, and more.  

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can rely on the security features of the app: child lock, parental control, and screen time control. You can also create playlists of the videos. 


As you can see,  these nursery rhymes apps deliver more than just the average rhymes. They also help your kiddos learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, and sizes. Best of all, they are practical. So much information stored in one app. 

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