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Top 8 Student Learning Resources For High School AP Courses

The late-testing Advanced Placement (AP) exams have just concluded weeks ago. Are you preparing for next year’s AP exams in May? Well, you’re lucky. We gathered these student learning resources for you. Some of these are even free!

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8 Student Learning Resources For AP Courses

These student learning resources we have listed all range from the official College Board site to a tutoring site for high school students. We explored each of the sites and took note of how or why they can help you ace that AP exam. 

College Board resources for AP students

College Board - student learning


COVID-19 has halted pretty much everything, from classes to AP examinations. Even though the AP exams will be in May next year, we never know what will occur—so, it pays to keep track of the College Board’s updates constantly.

You can get a couple of student learning resources on this web page. They provided information about the upcoming deadlines, exam schedules, eTicket reminders, and some valuable tips on preparing for the exams as well. 

On the page, they also have links to articles where they explained the nature of submitting the responses to the tests. Each test apparently has different processes and requirements. For example, for the AP Music Theory Exam, students have to submit an audio file and a scanned photo of the handwritten answers. 

What else? You can also practice answering the AP free-response questions by signing in to the AP classroom on this page. If you want to watch the On-Demand Online AP Classes and a list of the recorded AP classes, you can also find the links here. 

AP Central’s Share AP

AP Share - student learning


This page on the AP Central website contains Outreach and Support resources. It is targeted to educators and parents, but it also has resources for students who are taking APs for the first time. 

On this page, you will find student brochures in English and Spanish. Both contain an overview of AP and why students should take the exams.

There’s also a link to BigFuture, a search engine by the College Board. This tool helps you choose from more than 3,000 college options in the United States. You can filter by location, major, type of school, housing, sports, academic credit, and even diversity. 

At the bottom of the page, there’s also a link to the official Twitter handle of the College Board dedicated to students only. @APforStudents tweets updates and important information that students can use. At the moment, they have just tweeted about sending the AP exam scores to the students.

Go Peer

GoPeer - student learning

Session and package fees 

Go Peer is a site where you can hire college students to tutor you online. According to Go Peer, college students are more effective in tutoring because they have recently gone through the classes and exams.

Moreover, if you or your parents are on a tight budget, they are comparatively cheap since the tutoring fees are ⅓ of the national average. An individual session will cost you $35, while 15 hours of tutoring costs $375.

On the site, you can find tutors of up to 70 K-12 subjects. Those include Test Prep, Computer Science, Algebra 1, English, Geometry, Physics, and Chemistry. There are also SAT, Web Development, and Writing tutors.

As of now, you can request recommendations and free lessons worth two hours. GoPeer just needs to know about your studying goals and preferred schedule. 

National Repository of Online Courses (NROC)

NROC-Color-Logo student learning

The NROC Project allows schools or even states to apply for membership. Once they become a member, they will get access to instructional content and student learning resources from other academics. 

This project also offers free and low-cost resources that can help you study for the AP exams. They have Math and English courses, particularly Algebra 1, Developmental Math, Developmental English, and NROC English. They also have open textbooks for Developmental Math and English Foundations. 

You can also try their web-based tools, Ed Ready, ACT CollegeReady, and Hippo Campus. Ed Ready can help you personalize your study path for college. It also assesses your readiness for college. 

ACT CollegeReady helps identify your knowledge gaps in Math and English. HippoCampus, meanwhile, is an online library of videos. We will expand further on HippoCampus in the next item. 


HippoCampus - student learning


HippoCampus is a great student learning resource if you’re studying for the AP exams. Their content is for middle school to college students. 

On the site, you can find more than 7,000 free videos and materials for 13 subjects. They have videos about Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Natural Science, Social Science, and Humanities. 

They don’t just have videos. You can launch a course, and access textbook and standards correlations. You can select a textbook, select a topic, and listen to a video or audio lesson. 

HippoCampus also features collections, courses, lectures, and presentations from NROC, Khan Academy, and many more educational institutions. You can also make your own playlists of the videos on the site. 


Fiveable logo


You may or may not have heard about Fiveable already—but if you haven’t, you should know that it’s an awesome student learning tool. 

Studying for an AP test is already nerve-wracking, so why not make the experience fun at least? That is the goal of the Fiveable. On the site, you can watch live reviews, live trivia sessions, and guides for students who are preparing for AP exams. 

We also love the straightforward design of the site. On the homepage, you can simply type in or choose a subject. After that, Fiveable’s search results will show the subject, units, upcoming live streams, past streams, guides, and resources.  

At the bottom, Fiveable will also recommend live events, organized into makeup and finale. Each live event runs up to five hours. 

Besides live events, Fiveable also offers study plans and resources. The resources include tips, quizlets, cram charts, formula sheets, and more. 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy


This is unsurprising, of course. Khan Academy also has a good student learning resource for AP exams. It’s actually very helpful. 

Khan has a practice material that can help you study key concepts of the AP exams. It also provides you with additional feedback about the mistakes you made on the practice test. That gives you an advantage, which is learning different or new approaches to answering questions and solving problems. 

The courses, meanwhile, also help prepare you for free-response questions on the AP exams. You can take courses in Algebra, Calculus, Computer Science, History, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and more. 

As for the contents in each course, you can access the following:

  • mastery-enabled practices
  • multiple-choice questions
  • formative practice
  • videos showing solved free-response questions, 
  • free-response questions from past exams. 

All of the courses in their roster were developed with the College Board. That means those align with the latter’s most recent exam descriptions. 

Marco Learning

Marco Learning

Last not but least is Marco Learning, a provider of prep courses and free student learning resources. The courses are all in video format. 

Besides prep courses, they also offer free advice, lesson plans, and study guides. The advice comes in the form of articles. Several of the topics include helpful tips on preparing for the 2020 AP  exam, free practice tests, and completing the requirements. 

As for the practice tests, Marco Learning will email you the free practice tests. Some of the subjects include Chemistry, Calculus, English, History, Literature, Psychology, and more. The answers are available on their YouTube channels. 

If you only need a study guide, it’s the same process. You have to provide your email and they will send the guide to you there. 

Marco Learning also offers an online summer camp, where you can attend live online review sessions with educators and students. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and view the class recordings. They will also offer other activities and homework. You don’t need to leave the house at all! 


Just because the schools and city libraries are closed doesn’t mean you’re out of options and resources for studying. AP can impact your college life in a huge way; therefore, do your best to study with the online resources we listed here and ace that exam next year! 

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