The Best Letter Tracing App to Download For Your Kids

For toddlers, it takes a long time to learn how to write by hand. They need a lot of practice, too. And a huge part of the learning process has to do with gaining motor skills—controlling the arms to form letters. The good news is that a letter tracing app can help your kid practice writing skills. 

We’ve handpicked the best letter tracing apps in the market. Each has unique features and varying teaching modes to help toddlers trace and recognize letters. 

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Pick Your Letter Tracing App


With Zoolingo, young children can learn to trace letters while exploring the wonderful world of animals! Zoolingo packs thousands of fun activities and puzzles, including letter tracing, phonics, and letter sequencing. 

One of the prominent features of Zoolingo is its multi-language support. You can pick any of the 16 languages supported by this educational app: English, French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, etc. And yes, that also means that your child can trace foreign letters. 

Zoolingo is not just your ordinary letter tracing app. It also offers a wide range of fun learning activities that teach kids about numbers, shapes, measurements, vocabulary, occupation, mazes, animals, and so much more. 

You can download Zoolingo on your iOS or Android device for free. 

Get it on Google Play

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ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics


ABC Kids- Tracing & Phonics is a fun and interactive letter tracing app for toddlers. It features four mini-games focusing on helping children form and match letters, learn phonics, and associate letters with words. 

Young children can follow the arrows to trace the letters using their forefinger. And every time they complete a tracing game, they can collect stickers and toys! 

What we like about this letter tracing app is that it was designed for adults, too. The menu commands are hidden so toddlers can focus on reading alphabets and writing, but adults can easily access the settings to enter Teacher Mode

The Teacher Mode allows parents to check at report cards and toggle tracing games to customize the game for their toddlers. 

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Little Writer – The Tracing Apps for Kids


Many parents and teachers choose Little Writer for their kids. For them, this is the best letter tracing app, and they have many reasons to say so. 

Little Writer is super fun and easy to use. It teaches young learners to trace ABCs (uppercase and lowercase letters), numbers (1 to 10), basic shapes, and dozens of three- and four-letter words. Kids will receive rewards as they complete a tracing game. 

What is it about the game that parents and teachers like? Adults can fine-tune the game that best fits the knowledge and comprehension of their kids. That means you can record your own language or add your own words. 

You can also turn individual items on or off, introduce one letter at a time, and add pictures and names of family and friends that your kids recognize. 

Little Writer – Tracing App for Kids is available on the Apple App Store for only $0.99. 

Dela Kids – Learn English


Dela Kids – Learn English is another free-to-download feature-packed letter tracing app for kids ages two to eight. This game knows exactly how to keep young learners engaged and excited about learning letters. There’s no question about that since the maker of the game collaborated with experienced English teachers in Australia. 

With Dela Kids, toddlers and preschoolers will learn to trace alphabets. Apart from that, they will also enjoy ABCD songs, phonic sounds, numbers, and English words with fun animations and audio.

There are also fun puzzles and interactive English exercises so that children can put their knowledge into practice. 

The animations, images, and overall graphics of the game are created with a lot of emphasis on toddlers and preschoolers, guaranteeing that they will enjoy their learning experience. 

Dela Kids – Learn English is available on the Google Play Store.

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Badanamu: Alphabet Talk & Trace


Badanamu: Alphabet Talk & Trace aims to help kids develop their knowledge of letters. The game is crafted for kids ages two to seven. 

This letter tracing app incorporates fun activities so that kids learn the alphabet faster. 

Other letter tracing apps focus only on telling children how a letter sounds, but this game does more than that. It helps kids touch, hear, feel, and move like a letter. This method will help kids discover the letter rather than learning only how it is pronounced. 

This game features fun quizzes that will test little thinkers, fun characters to keep them engaged, and wide vocabulary to help widen their word knowledge. 

Badanamu: Alphabet Talk & Trace is available on the Apple App Store.

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LetterSchool – learn to write letters and numbers


LetterSchool is one of the best letter tracing apps in the market that can act as a stepping stone for your child’s early education. It features lots of amazing fun activities that teach young children ABCs, 123s, and geometric shapes! 

We all know that learning alphabets is the foundation of academic success. And that being said, LetterSchool is committed to helping children learn their alphabets the most effective way they can think of. 

With LetterSchool, your child can trace block and cursive letters, uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, and shapes. They will also learn 72 CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, 36 CCVC, and 39 long sound words!

This app boasts vivid graphics, fun animation, and a smart interface. It’s perfect for homeschooling kids and kindergartens. 

LetterSchool – Learn to Write is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

ABC PreSchool Playground Free – Letter Tracing App


Much like a real playground, ABC PreSchool Playground is a fun place for letter tracing for kids. This letter tracing app features six exercises that teach kids how to read and write the alphabet. 

The app is for kids ages four to seven and is perfect for helping kids learn through play. ABC PreSchool supports six different languages, as well as options for either American, Australian, or British English. 

The game utilizes flashcards, memory card games, and spelling games to help kids learn more effectively. 

ABC PreSchool Playground FREE is available on the Google Play Store. 

Other Tracing Tools You Can Find At Home

Some parents choose to minimize their kids’ screen time and prefer offline learning activities than digital learning. If that’s true for you, then we’ve got some ideas that you might like. 

Use things you can find in your house that your kids can trace, such as coins, toy bricks, saucers, cookie cutters, or small figurines. You may ask them to trace around one of their own hands or someone else’s hands. 

To make things more interesting, try spreading newspaper all over the floor, get someone to lie down, and let your kid trace around their body. 

If you have the resources to print letters for your kids to trace, then we advise you to do so. Check out these free printable alphabet worksheets from DoozyMoo


Pick a letter tracing app from our list and let us know how you used it for your kid. Remember, these letter tracing apps can only get your kids so far. For them to learn letters more efficiently, you have to help them patiently. 

Each kid has different learning capabilities. If you prefer offline learning activities, then give our suggestions above a spin!

Related Questions

Can I write on my iPad and print it?

Yes, if you have a word processing program or a text editor. You can also draw letters on your Notes app and print it. Use it as a letter tracing page for your toddler. 

I want to help my kid read faster. What can I do?

Introduce sight words to your kid. You can use sight word apps and flashcards to guide your child in reading. To learn more, check out our blog post 8 Best Sight Word Apps For Your Children.

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